Pace Micro Technology

Pace is a leading technology developer for the global payTV industry.  Our brief was to design publicity material for the launch of their latest set-top receiver – a product which only differs from its predecessor by having a more stylish exterior casing;  Apart from its shape, it is exactly the same product.
But history shows that sometimes a simple change in shape is enough to create a retail bestseller.
Our solution was to recall examples of where a change in a product’s shape was responsible for its dramatic increase in popularity. We illustrated these examples – these design classics – and applied them to publicity posters, advertisements and launch invitations – and refrained from showing the new product altogether, so as to create anticipation at the launch event.

About Glenn Hall

With over 20 years' experience, I know what makes effective, brand-building design. Moreover, I know how to translate great design across all brand collateral. I create effective visual communication for a broad range of business sectors - from financial, health and retail to fmcg, transportation and construction. Email if you'd like a chat about your next design requirement.
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